#notjustadrawing: Why Cartoons and Fandom Need to be Cleaned Out

The art that started it all
Positive tweets from the hashtag on twitter
Some not so positive tweets from the hashtag
  • Children cannot safely search for images on various search engines without porn popping up. Even with safe search enabled, porn still gets through.
  • Drawn child porn is just as dangerous as actual child porn since it has the same effect. A study shows that 85% percent of online offenders who have downloaded explicit content featuring minors have sexually abused minors in real life.
  • Many victims of child sexual abuse go to fandoms as a means to escape and seeing drawn CP is potentially triggering.
  • A lot of CP features an adult man and a young boy which also continues to perpetuate the stereotype that gay men as predators.
  • By allowing fan artists to creature artistic CP, they’re inviting predators into these places and are also giving them media to harm children.
Vickerman, pictured above, was known to harass the people working under her




Black woman with a passion for writing and educating others

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Violet M

Violet M

Black woman with a passion for writing and educating others

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